Tiling & Lining

High density alumina lining & ceramic tiling of pipes, tanks, ash scrapers, pulleys, chutes, hoppers, etc.
Using ceramic tiles to protect the inside of your pipes, tanks, etc. are a popular and effective way to prevent corrosion from happening. Using ceramic tiles within pipes will not only offer protection from corrosion and corrosion control but it will also serve other purposes which will ensure that your pipes last longer. This technique can be used for corrosion control in Mpumalanga. Tiles are easy to clean or wash down when they come into contact with corrosive materials.
Using tiles for corrosion control is a technique particularly effective for concrete structures as the tiles can be easily applied and when applied to concrete they do not easily fall off or break off.
Alumina lining is similar to tiles and it serves the same purpose of protecting a structure from corrosion, especially in the case of pipes. The alumina lining is placed within the pipes so anything that flows over the pipes and might deposit corrosive materials, can easily be cleaned away.