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Lowcoat has made the cause of corrosion, the effects of corrosion and the methods that can be used for corrosion control, its business. Lowcoat are specialists in industrial and commercial corrosion control in Nelspruit. Established in 1999 Lowcoat has been providing corrosion control in Nelspruit to a range of projects and structures.

It is Lowcoat’s vision to be a household name in corrosion control and we always endeavour to deliver high quality service that meet or exceed client and industry specifications in a timely and competitive manner. By keeping its vision in mind Lowcoat have become leaders in industrial and commercial corrosion control.

Corrosion is responsible for the failure of many systems and structures and corrosion control is a necessity to prevent the damage that corrosion can create. Corrosion left without any form of corrosion control can result in excessive maintenance and repairs as well as system downtime and product contamination. This will cost your business lots of time and lots of money, which is unnecessary and will set your company back in terms of productivity and profit. Why take the chance of allowing corrosion to do such damage? Bacteria, some of the characteristics of water and even electricity can cause corrosion to a variety of different materials including metals and concrete. It is important for all structures to be protected from corrosion by using a form of corrosion control.

Lowcoat is equipped to handle new projects and maintain old projects of all sizes on site or at our premises situated in Rocky Drift (Nelspruit) and has successfully completed projects in Mpumalanga, and surrounding areas. Lowcoat has even completed successful projects in Mozambique and Swaziland. Our location is central for all of our clients in the surrounding area and being within reach of Swaziland and Mozambique helps us to provide corrosion control and corrosion protection to a large number of clients who might not have had affordable access to our type of services.

Our trained and skilled personnel can handle all aspects of projects including the surveying of plants, handling material, corrosion protection, and quality control, safety planning and full inspections. At Lowcoat we take great pride in providing the best in industrial and commercial corrosion control in Mpumalanga.

Our trained personnel can handle all aspects of projects including plant surveys, material handling, corrosion protection, quality control, safety planning, full inspections, etc.

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