Coating & Lining

Application of high performance corrosion resistant protective coatings and linings to:
Existing structures, structural steel, tanks,
Hard-wearing surfaces i.e. chutes, pump bodies, valve internals/bodies, pressure vessels
Floors, walls & roofs
SABS approved coating of pipes
Corrosion resistant protective coatings and linings are placed onto existing structures, structural steel, tanks, and other such structures as well as hard-wearing surfaces such as chutes, pump bodies, valve internals or bodies and pressure vessels. At Lowcoat we also coat and line floors, walls and roofs and we provide the SABS approved coating of pipes.The above mentioned types of structures are often the most susceptible to corrosion and need to be protected in order to prevent the corrosion from happening. Placing corrosion control products onto the structure when it is new is better than allowing corrosion to happen and then trying to fix the damage. With Mpumalanga’s summer rains corrosion can easily happen to the inside of pipes and gutters so corrosion control in Mpumalanga is needed in order to prevent these important pipes from corroding away, being badly damaged and ultimately needing expensive repairs or replacements done.