Surface Preparation

Multi-abrasive blasting of various surfaces Grit, shot, wet-blasting with non-toxic steel shot or grit & soda-blasting Mechanical cleaning, HP water wash, etc.
Lowcoat provides the best in sandblasting in Nelspruit. Sandblasting is done by shooting fine bits of material at a high speed onto a surface to etch it or clean it. While sand was used in the past to do this, hence the name sandblasting, after it was discovered that the sand was damaging the lungs of people who did the sandblasting, other materials have since taken the place of sand. The sandblaster is set up to consist of 3 parts: the abrasive itself, the air compressor and the blaster nozzle. The person doing the actual blasting uses a protective mask and protective clothing to protect his or her lungs and body. This description is exactly what the Lowcoat sandblasting service does.
By using Lowcoats’s sandblasting in Nelspruit, you will be receiving the best in sandblasting services. Make sandblasting a part of your corrosion control and corrosion protection methods.
The type of sandblasting in Nelspruit that Lowcoat provides to all types of businesses and structures is part of surface preparation which has to do with the multi-abrasive blasting of various surfaces using grit, shot, wet-blasting with non-toxic steel shot or grit & soda-blasting and surface preparation also uses mechanical cleaning and HP water wash.