C-Glass heavy-duty Glass Lining

Glass lined steel will provide the structure with high quality corrosion resistance, protecting it from acids, the damaging elements found in water and other abrasive materials. The heavy duty glass lining is the perfect corrosion protection and corrosion control product in Mpumalanga, as it is long lasting and can easily be cleaned. The glass cannot be made impure by the corrosive materials and this helps to give it a long lifespan. Another great feature of C-Glass heavy-duty Glass Lining is that it is able to protect your structure from a wide range of abrasive materials and a wide range of harsh working conditions.
This method of corrosion control and other areas is used for the building up, repairing and lining of hard-wear surfaces, especially pump bodies, valves, impellers, tanks, pipes, and ID fans, amongst other things.